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Corporate overview

DNALabs Canada knows that despite the breakthroughs, there is much work ahead for understanding and using the human genome to improve medicine and healthcare.

We’re ready. Are you? Our Canadian labs understand the science behind the breakthroughs. To us, DNA testing and the impact of genome advances are much more than a parlor game or fun thing to do. Precision medicine is personalized when YOU get involved in knowing and understanding your genetic profile.




Dr. Aaron Goldman, PhD

Chief Science Officer
An expert in cutting edge genomic technologies, Dr. Goldman brings more than 20 years of experience in life sciences including his PhD in Molecular Genetics from Yale University and post-doctoral studies at the University of Toronto.

Meet Aaron

As Chief Science Officer at DNA Labs, Aaron oversees all aspects of genetic test design, interpretation and implementation, as well as providing scientific and technical support to marketing and business/strategic planning initiatives.

Prior to his work at DNALabs, Dr. Goldman was the Director of Genomics Services at the University Health Network/Mount Sinai Hospital Clinical Genomics Centre in Toronto, a state-of-the-art, full service genomics technology facility that provides genomics services such as DNA sequencing and genotyping to the research community. In parallel, Dr. Goldman also served as the Research Program Director and co-founder of Mt. Sinai Hospital’s Office of Personalized Genomics and Innovative Medicine, which was established to facilitate the implementation of genomic discoveries into routine medical practice, and to ultimately improve the speed and precision of disease diagnostics and the quality of patient care. In his roles at Mount Sinai Hospital, Dr. Goldman was instrumental in successfully managing several large research programs which attracted over $10 million of funding from various governmental organizations.

If you’re in medicine, healthcare and/or wellness then it’s time you became better informed about what this rapid pace of growth in genetic testing and genome discovery might mean to your stakeholders and all health consumers.

We are fascinated by the future and what lies ahead.

Our own DNA is personal and tells a story about ourselves. What we know about ourselves can help s make better choices in how we live our lives.

It’s the beginning of personalized muedicine.

New era in medicine

DNALabs is a Canadian owned genetics company that is committed to providing genetic testing solutions to help everyone know more about themselves. Our DNA holds critical and unique information about us, including how we interact with medicine. With a simple cheek swab, healthcare practitioners can now personalize treatment options that are best suited for each of us.

Genetic testing

The role of genetic testing in medicine is expanding. Why? Because of the impact and benefits in the prevention, management and treatment of various diseases. 

Genetic testing is the tool to delivering personalized medicine.

Real scientific breakthroughs

The science behind the over 70,000 genetic tests in the North American market right now is sound.  In fact, the breakthroughs and new additional tests are entering the market daily.

DNALabs Canada is here to help you.

DNA Labs Canada Executive Team

DNALabs Canada is not a large, medical lab that tests urine, blood, tumours and DNA. At DNALabs, we are solely dedicated to the new frontier of genome laboratory testing and the transformation to personalized medicine. Our lab is in Canada and complies with Canadian privacy and confidentiality and all the rigours of laboratory regulations.

The enterprise is dynamic and agile. This is reflected most dramatically with the corporate structure, the top five corporate executives and their portfolios. This is a non-hierarchical organization. The company is committed to remaining at the forefront of pharmacogenomics in Canada including breakthrough applications of DNA testing to health and wellness. At the heart of DNALabs Canada’s corporate structure is its Chief Science Officer and Genomicist, Aaron Goldman. He is engaged and supported by 4 other enterprise partners. The lack of silos in the organization is reflected in more than its organizational chart. It is a business philosophy and commitment to agility and entrepreneurial capacity. It is a promise to ensure the company is responsive to market opportunities and at the forefront of science and technology advances that create market demand such as cannabis sensitivity testing.

Moni Lustig
Chief Executive Officer

Andrew Weisberg
Chief Financial Officer

Aaron Goldman, PhD
Chief Science Officer

David Feld, BSC, LLB
Executive Vice President and Legal Counsel

Michael S. Kerzner
Chief Strategist